Evacucheck   is wholly owned and operated by a retired front line police officer (OPP) and volunteer firefighter. During his career as a police officer and firefighter, he has participated in numerous building evacuations. The one glaring problem with all the evacuations was that no one could guarantee that the building was empty when evacuated. There was no reliable system in place to determine if a room had been evacuated and if a re-entry had occurred. The Evacucheck Room Verification System was developed to answer these needs.

What was available could not indicate a re-entry in the room. A considerable amount of time was spent on research and development, to come up with a product that would answer these needs. The device also had to be durable, effective and user friendly. It had to work on all types of door closures. We did not want the device to look institutionalized; therefore it had to be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Evacucheck is permanently attached to the door;
  • In closed position, it is compact in size;
  • In open position and in low light, it is highly visible;
  • It is installed low on the door;
  • The arrows on the device direct the occupants to the nearest exit;
  • It can be modified to work on all types of door closures;
  • It is easy to use;
  • It is maintenance free;
  • It is effective, durable, reliable and easy to use.