Evacucheck’s labels display room numbers and arrows to quickly identify fire exits locations.

  • Clearly indicates re-entry, saves precious time, eliminating duplication of efforts by staff and emergency respond team.

Spring hinge design closes automatically once door has been opened more than an inch (120°).

  • Ensures all areas are checked for successful (complete) evacuation.

Inconspicuous when closed, it will not detract from the aesthetics of your building (may be painted to match door color).

Provides a highly efficient door marking system for safe and secure evacuation.

  • Fast and simple to install permanently on all types of doors;
  • Cannot be used as a weapon;
  • Will work on all door closures. Metal contact plates and extension filler blocks for non-ferrous door frames are available.

ighly reflective Diamond Grade sheet visible in low light and smoke-filled environments.

  • For all types of searches and evacuations: fire, gas leak, bomb threat, flood, missing persons and routine security rounds.